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IT Developer, Service and Rental Solution Since 2009

In early stage, we started by providing computer maintenance service to our clients from Governments Agencies, private sector and also personnel. From periodic health check to performing preventive maintenance, our clients are satisfied and happy to recommend us.

Growing from there,  most of the clients have entrust us, and we have build the capacity and capability of developing several IT system and software from management and dashboard usage to Internet of Thing (IoT) system. Other than that, we also made several IT products of our own with collaboration from universities. 

Our core values that include punctuality and client-centric made our clients more fond of us, more to long-term friendships than formal business scope. Not to forget, we also provide IT training for with state-of-the-art content, Industrial Revolution (IR) 4.0 related, and we also provide IT event equipment rental such as laptop and PC rental, projectors, PA systems, TV and also LED panels.

Up till today, we have several IT system development project on-going, few event managers and event places as partners, internship students from various universities for exposure and collaborations, and also fellow full time and part time technical crews.

For more information on our projects and services, do visit our Project and Collaboration and Product and Services page. We are registered with Ministry of Finance (MoF) Malaysia.

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To become a progressive, advanced and competitive in ICT system development and equipment rental.



1. To provide guaranteed, secure and reliable system development services

2. To provide quality and satisfying ICT rental services to the customer

3. To supply the latest reliable technology to the customer

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