Tired of manage employee attendance manually?

  • Challenged with Maintaining Employee Discipline?

  • Struggling with Efficiently Managing Employee Attendance?

  • Encountering Challenges in Accurately Calculating Working Hours and Overtime for Each Employee?

  • Slow down your productivity?
We have a solution!


Attendance System can be integrated with any biometric device that uses a MySQL database that can be accessed through the network.


The Biometric system is always updated with current developments.


Search officer attendance records, overall department attendance records and even activity reports are easily generated.


All staff entry and exit records are recorded to a database.


To use two different systems for the same thing is extremely inefficient. This system has been integrated with HRMIS Leave.


We have a full support system through the website, email and even Whatsapp that will respond in less than 1 hour.


The system can be accessed on a personal device easily, anytime and anywhere.


Productivity increases greatly. Saving time looking for individual report cards for each month, in addition to automatically calculated fault records.


System login can use Active Directory (AD) or standalone database. In addition, the system is specially linked with HRMIS-CUTI. Increase efficiency.


I have been using the biometric attendance system at my workplace for the past few months, and I must say it has greatly improved our efficiency and accuracy in tracking attendance. I wanted to share my experience and express my satisfaction with this technology.

Danial Irsyad

Since the implementation of the biometric attendance system, our company has experienced a significant positive shift in attendance management. The user-friendly interface and simplicity of the system have made it easy for everyone to adapt. The real-time data tracking feature has allowed us to monitor attendance patterns and take proactive measures. Additionally, the integration with our existing HR and payroll software has streamlined processes and reduced errors. Overall, the biometric attendance system has been a reliable and efficient solution for our organization.


The biometric attendance system has exceeded our expectations in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. The elimination of buddy punching has brought fairness and transparency to our attendance records. The ease of use and minimal training required have made it accessible to all employees. The real-time data tracking feature has provided valuable insights for decision-making. Our organization has truly benefited from the integration capabilities, streamlined processes, and enhanced security that the biometric attendance system offers.


I have been impressed with the biometric attendance system at our workplace. Its accuracy and reliability have made a noticeable difference in our attendance management. The system’s seamless integration with our existing software has saved us time and eliminated manual data entry. The enhanced security provided by the use of fingerprints has improved workplace safety. It’s a modern solution that has simplified our processes and brought peace of mind.


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